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2 years ago

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This happened some time ago, when I sexfortv was 20 and a student at the university. on Friday night after a pub crawl all day in the city a group of about 10 guys and I finally called it a night after 12 hours it is best to drink cheap alcohol as possible. completely intoxicated and " crush" all the boys - except my best friend, Pete and I decided to go home to sleep off the campus of his intoxication. Pete and I decided, like a laugh and dare to, in this night club unreliable and told us it was, has been popular with the more mature, older women, but very loose, especially after having sex hot and a good time above all. He was known as "ownership of a grandmother's club " -. ( No offense, mature ladies.. lol) As you climb the stairs and into the club quickly went to the bar for more alcohol and more attached. S what I now I can not remember... lol, we were both impressed and not at all anxious or intimitadated, because we were completely drunk on theTime. Under no circumstances, my friend Pete and I have dared to take this club, sober Once we got our drinks we went to get a table and smoking a cigarette. When we went to one end of the dimly lit bar, which saw a woman about 50 years later there were at least should be at the table sat the following, where we finally see also that was round, about 5 " 5 'and dressed very tartily in a very narrow, white shirt and black miniskirt and Stilletos sticky (this was the beginning of the 90's by the way: ). ) was smoking like a chimney, and looked rough like shit. we both scored at the same time, almost instinctively, that shows an interest in our boys. I remembered Pete and I are old enough about their nature, our sexfortv grandmother, and probably eating a fish Fanny old would laugh at us alive, it still feels and believes unanimously on the idea was to suck us, and perhaps neglected pussy fuck too. to keep thThe story is too short guys, we have doubled to chat with her ​​and after a few more (which bought curiously enough ), we headed back to sexfortv his house, which was in the same street. later discovered that he had divorced and that her husband "left " them. The place was a tip and dirty. She took us to his room which was dirty and unkempt. We sat on his bed while removing red shirt to show her big tits, floopy and belly. Christ saw a sight. sexfortv :) We were both friends beautiful, fit and young at the time to go home and think "What the hell are we doing here ? " However, this old bitch go to a couple of young students, to the right of old dirty show ! Pissed up on an offer that would be, and hot-blooded young men to ride ! Hehe. The design went through my head, and his and it was enough to keep my cock and sexfortv hard rock Pete lol. next had her mini skirt to reveal a hairy ass. looked and smelled like fish loose. This led me to think, 'no foh, I 'm going to fuck without a condom ! "A then went to our kids and took each of our hands and asked us to play with her tits and ass. As I turned around and sexfortv covered big tits floopy and began to rub her back then Pete put a finger inside. was s no doubt enjoy it, as she complained loudly moaning like crazy ! lol After about 10 minutes or less pleasure to the old flapper, she said it was time for us "show the kids a good time. You knealt between us and started sucking our cocks were rock hard now and filtered with precum. There was no way I was sexfortv old striker playing with my shit Dick let alone would have become, but not with my friend Pete drinks and encouraging one another in " a laugh ", which pass through it. The dirty old sexfortv swatter took our two cocks and sucked hard and masturbate each of us was angry, sometimes letting go fuck one of our fanny finger taps. Meanwhile, Pete and I had begun, so he went back to get mOre firm and use the old fly for our selfish pleasu
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